Idea: let’s all boycott Sears appliances!

Idea: let’s all boycott Sears appliances!

I’m so pissed with Sears right now, I have fire coming out of my mouth and smoke out of each ear.


When have you known me to scream at poor customer service people, ever? NEVER! Remember, me? I am Queen of Passive Aggressive. Thanks to many years of practice I have perfected the quiet passive aggressive approach and rarely have to raise my voice. But how do you ignore the customer service rep? You can’t! So, today I yelled at the poor pee-ons at Sears who did nothing wrong but pick up the phone when I called this morning.

You tell me if I’m wrong:

Sunday the 25th: Washer fills with water but won’t agitate. Makes a weird humming noise and stops.

Monday the 26th: Call Sears. They set up a technician to come out on Wednesday

Wednesday the 28th: Tech guy tells me we need a new motor. He emergency orders a new one and says he’ll be back Saturday morning.

Saturday the 1st: The part they sent was bad. Re-emergency order the motor and set an appointment for Wednesday.

Wednesday the 5th: NO ONE SHOWS UP. I call them and they say my order was still in parts and not in service (whatever the hell that means), they will send someone tomorrow.

Thursday the 6th: Technician shows up and allegedly fixes the washer.

Thursday night: put a load in the washer. It fills with water but won’t agitate, makes a humming noise and stops.

TODAY: I call them to tell them that my washer is still broken and they advise me they will send someone NEXT Wednesday.

That’s when I lost it!

Ok, is this for real? I have a baby. I can’t be going to the laundromat. My mom lives 2 miles away but her dryer is broken. That leaves me washing clothes at her house and driving wet clothes back to my house to put in my dryer. IT IS NOT OK!

When I tell the Sears rep I want my money back she says that I wouldn’t have a refund because I have the new part. I told her to come pick up my part and the washer, I don’t want either and she tells me that I still have to pay for labor. WHAT?!?! You’re telling me that I have to pay for labor on a washer that’s still broken? I honestly think I’ve never been this angry at a person in my life. She asked me to allow them to fix my washer and I told her I would but that coming next Wednesday is UNACCEPTABLE!!

Am I crazy here? This is the most insane customer service I’ve ever received from a company.

The lady unexpectantly pulls an appointment for tomorrow morning out of her ass and I accept it, but I let her know that the guy better have parts in his van and he better fix my washer because I am not waiting any longer.

Let it be known that this is the LAST SEARS APPLIANCE I WILL EVER BUY!!

Did I mention this washer is not even 4 years old, yet?


PS- no worries. It wasn’t anything so bad a little peanut butter cup fro-yo and some retail therapy couldn’t fix. But, don’t be surprised if I buy a new washer this weekend…


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