When I was super depressed and scared about getting pregnant during those infertility years, I got desperate. You know those times where you feel down and out and wish you had a crystal ball so that you could see the future and know there was a light at the end of the tunnel? That was me. I was desperate to see a light and have some hope that I would be a mother one day.

During that time I consulted a psychic. The Baby Psychic, to be exact. Cheri, the Baby Psychic, has an amazing blog that not only talks about psyche in general, but also discusses infertility issues.

One day, she had a contest for a free prediction, and I went for it and won!

Here is a portion of her prediction dated April 2009…

“…I am seeing you with a BOY and they relate him to APRIL so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in…”

I totally forgot about this until yesterday when I went for my NT scan and they told me I was having a BOY!

Ok, since when can they tell you the sex of the baby at 14 weeks???

I did not expect to learn the sex of the baby yesterday. I did not expect to find out I was having a boy, either!

Here’s the thing…out of 160 students, only 3 are boys. I have a sister- no brothers. I lived in a sorority house with all girls. I have a daughter….I have NO IDEA what to do with a boy…but I am thrilled!

Because I was in disbelief, the ultrasound tech made sure to give us about 20 pics with arrows pointing to the scrotum and penis. I’ll save you the onslaught of penis/scrote pics. I don’t want to embarrass my son before he’s even born. I’ll save that for the teen years.

Eeeeeeck! I have a scrotum growing inside me!!!


Fertility after Infertility

Fertility after Infertility

Since announcing the pregnancy, some people are curious about whether or not we proceeded with Infertility treatments this summer. I had originally thought that we would possibly proceed with another IVF this past summer if there was another study. In fact, in the middle of May, I did start getting my body ready for another IVF and had intentions of calling the office for study information.

However, during that time I actually found out that I was pregnant! Sadly, that pregnancy ended in miscarraige in the middle of June. I have to admit that it was a real slap in the face, but at the same time it was a jolt into reality.

See, back when we were trying to conceive Jamie, we were told explicitly that we had a less than 1% chance of getting pregnant on our own. In fact, as Dr. Sanchez told us, “it would be a miracle.” When we found out at that time that we were pregnant I was in complete shock. It was my miracle.

To be honest, I didn’t figure out I was pregnant until I was about 7 weeks. Although I didn’t miscarry until 10 weeks, the baby had stopped growing around 6 weeks. I found out around 9 weeks that the pregnancy was not viable.

I think at that time I just assumed that the pregnancy wasn’t meant to be because I wasn’t meant to get pregnant on my own.

Even though we were sad at the outcome of that pregnancy, it did give me a renewed sense of what my body was capable of. See, I had actually completely given up the idea that we could pregnant on our own until it happened. After that loss, I went on prenatals, took baby aspirin, drank less wine (I know!), and made sure to eat right.

In the middle of August, I had a very vivid dream that I took a pregnancy test and that it was positive. The next day I remember thinking that I must be having that dream because of all the pregnant ladies at work. But, a nagging feeling in the back of my mind forced me to test that afternoon. I would have bet $1 million dollars that the test would be negative. As you can imagaine, I was again in complete disbelief when the test came out positive.

At first I thought that it must be residual tissue from the miscarraige. It just didn’t seem to be possible to me that Infertile Suzanne could get pregnant twice accidentally before her baby even turned 1 years old. It was insane.

Two ultrasounds, and several confirmed heartbeats later, I was convinced. Not to mention that horrible morning sickness I’ve been having this time around.

So, yeah. I’m pregnant. Me. Accidentally and surprisingly pregnant. My babies will be a little over 18 months apart. Crazy!

I suppose it is a miracle. After all, life itself is a miracle all on its own.


Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

I have wished for many things in my life…

-a cute boyfriend (not now, when I was younger)
-to be kissed (you know, again when I was younger)
-to win a million dollars
-to accidentally get pregnant like everyone else
-to go back to Europe
-to get that Tiffany’s necklace I always wanted (score! Last Christmas, remember?)

My most recent wish was to get a new car. Matt had this old red car that he adored. But honestly, once we had Jamie I couldn’t stand the car. It was so low, with bucket seats and getting a baby in and out was just annoying as all hell.

So you can imagine my excitement when the car finally died and needed to be replaced. I acted sad for Matt, (ok, not really) but inside I was screaming, “Woo-hoo!”

We ended up replacing the old two-door with this beauty of a sedan:

Hello, new love of my life. Wish granted.

But, apparently the joke was on us. Cause it was a two-for-one wish special. We now also have one of these…

That’s right folks. Matt and I have jumped on the two under two bandwagon. Baby Tow #2 to debut in April!!


When I take over the world…

When I take over the world…

Today one of my preschoolers made a big announcement in class. Mind you, it was after a large birthday cupcake, but no matter.

He said,

“When I grow up and take over the World I’m going to be bad like…”


In suspense I’m thinking he’s going to say Obama, Sarah Palin, Dr. Evil…but no, he doesn’t know who they are, right?

His response?

“…Scooby Doo.”

Well said my friend, well said!

Let’s just say it was a relief after one of my kids pulled the fire alarm during FCAT retakes on Tuesday, and another came to school covered in vomit yesterday.

A 3 year old taking over the world as Scooby Doo sounds kind of nice right about now.



Jamie’s Birthday Party

Jamie’s Birthday Party

I’m 3 weeks late with this, but I have a good reason (explanation in my next post).

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my baby has turned 1! She is certainly not a baby anymore….

For Jamie’s birthday party, I went back and forth trying to figure out if I was even going to throw a party or just keep it to family. In the end, I decided to go ahead and throw a “small” party…which ended up being a good 40 adults and 10 kids!!! Not quite as small as I thought, but once I invited family and her play group buddies, we were pretty much at those numbers!

Since I had a monkey theme for my baby shower, I stuck to the same theme for her birthday. We ordered in most of the food, but I did make her birthday cupcakes and some chocolate monkey pops.

We had minimal decorations since it was mostly outside, but I did bring the divider I have with pictures of Jamie from every month! I’m so happy I did this. It was a lot of work, but it is so precious to see her transformation every month before she turned a year old.

Outside the kids were playing with the water table or kiddie pools I had set up. It was a sunny and beautiful day!

For the bigger kids I had monkey masks to color.

We also had a pinata….cause I mean, what’s a birthday party without beating something with a stick and fighting other kids for candy?

Jamie had her first bites of anything sweet….

We had a few minutes of hit or miss time where we thought she might projectile vomit, but she shook it off (literally, she shuddered) and all was well again. Overall, I think she liked it!

Afterwards, when everyone left, we opened gifts as a family.

It was such a great day and I am very happy that we decided to throw her a celebration. We have memories we’ll never forget, although she’ll never remember them! We have amazing friends and family and I feel blessed to share this moment with them.

Jamie is a toddler now! YIKES!


Washer update: Sears still sucks!

Washer update: Sears still sucks!

The washer is still not fixed….


In defense of the guy who came out this morning to fix it, he spent two hours working on it. Turns out the washer never needed a new motor. No. It needs a timer, or whatever the hell that is.

It’s times like these I wish I were more of a curser and not all, “I’m a role model and it’s not cool.”

If I were, I would totally be throwing out some f-bombs right now.



Idea: let’s all boycott Sears appliances!

Idea: let’s all boycott Sears appliances!

I’m so pissed with Sears right now, I have fire coming out of my mouth and smoke out of each ear.


When have you known me to scream at poor customer service people, ever? NEVER! Remember, me? I am Queen of Passive Aggressive. Thanks to many years of practice I have perfected the quiet passive aggressive approach and rarely have to raise my voice. But how do you ignore the customer service rep? You can’t! So, today I yelled at the poor pee-ons at Sears who did nothing wrong but pick up the phone when I called this morning.

You tell me if I’m wrong:

Sunday the 25th: Washer fills with water but won’t agitate. Makes a weird humming noise and stops.

Monday the 26th: Call Sears. They set up a technician to come out on Wednesday

Wednesday the 28th: Tech guy tells me we need a new motor. He emergency orders a new one and says he’ll be back Saturday morning.

Saturday the 1st: The part they sent was bad. Re-emergency order the motor and set an appointment for Wednesday.

Wednesday the 5th: NO ONE SHOWS UP. I call them and they say my order was still in parts and not in service (whatever the hell that means), they will send someone tomorrow.

Thursday the 6th: Technician shows up and allegedly fixes the washer.

Thursday night: put a load in the washer. It fills with water but won’t agitate, makes a humming noise and stops.

TODAY: I call them to tell them that my washer is still broken and they advise me they will send someone NEXT Wednesday.

That’s when I lost it!

Ok, is this for real? I have a baby. I can’t be going to the laundromat. My mom lives 2 miles away but her dryer is broken. That leaves me washing clothes at her house and driving wet clothes back to my house to put in my dryer. IT IS NOT OK!

When I tell the Sears rep I want my money back she says that I wouldn’t have a refund because I have the new part. I told her to come pick up my part and the washer, I don’t want either and she tells me that I still have to pay for labor. WHAT?!?! You’re telling me that I have to pay for labor on a washer that’s still broken? I honestly think I’ve never been this angry at a person in my life. She asked me to allow them to fix my washer and I told her I would but that coming next Wednesday is UNACCEPTABLE!!

Am I crazy here? This is the most insane customer service I’ve ever received from a company.

The lady unexpectantly pulls an appointment for tomorrow morning out of her ass and I accept it, but I let her know that the guy better have parts in his van and he better fix my washer because I am not waiting any longer.

Let it be known that this is the LAST SEARS APPLIANCE I WILL EVER BUY!!

Did I mention this washer is not even 4 years old, yet?


PS- no worries. It wasn’t anything so bad a little peanut butter cup fro-yo and some retail therapy couldn’t fix. But, don’t be surprised if I buy a new washer this weekend…