Random Thursday Ramblings

Random Thursday Ramblings

-I should probably add to my post from the other day, that it’s not the kids or the job itself I’m struggling with these days. It’s the politics, paperwork, and other random BS. Although, if I were honest, there are a couple of kids  (high school ones) driving me absolutely loopy. Since we’re only 4 weeks into the school year, it’s going to make for one long year unless one them gets scheduled out….dreams?

-I saw all the hype about the Missoni line at Target and how it’s being upsold on ebay and craigslist and I have to say I’m disappointed. I mean, I just don’t think the tacky 70’s colored chevron stripes are cool and I definitely don’t think they’re worth more than the Target price. Just my opinion.

Exhibit A = UGH-ly

It’s a skirt…it’s a sweater….it’s a sweater skirt!!!

I don’t get it.

-I’m even more disappointed with Brad Pitt’s interview in Parade about Angelina being his baby Mama, and his poor marriage to Jennifer Anniston. Freaking give the girl a break! You cheated on her with a girl who wore a vial of her husband’s blood around her neck. Why are you being such an asshole in regards to Jennifer? Blah! I’m sending you to douche bag island along with Jeremy Piven, David Hasselhoff, Chris Brown, and John Mayer.

Rhiannon introduced me to Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee ice cream. Holy YUMMINESS! It’s beyond amazing and I’m hooked. It even has little pieces of crystalized sugar. Does it get any better than that?

Exhibit B = A little piece of heaven.



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