The story of a disgruntled teacher

The story of a disgruntled teacher

There are so many things I should be blogging about and more frequently.


-pictures of my new awesome furniture

-picture of our new awesome car

-description of Jamie eating peas off my floor when we didn’t have peas that day

-long drawn out ramblings on how “The Help” and Jamie eating peas (see above) prompted me to start a new house cleaning regime (this was short-lived, anyhow)

-rants on how facebook annoys me to no end

-adorable pictures and/or video of Jamie walking

-dicussion on Teresa and Joe Guidice (who used to be my favorites) and how I now shoot them eye daggers and fast forward whenever I see them on my Housewives

-Interesting (cause I am SUPER interesting) personal news

SEE? I have a lot to say, but instead I’m all consumed with how unhappy I am working this year! Bo-RING! So, instead I’m not blogging all that much because I’m afraid I’m going to turn this into “Suzanne hates her job” rant and there’s nothing more annoying than that, BUT since we are on the subject….

Let’s just say that Prick Scott and his mandatory 3% of my salary going into a retirement account that he uses to pay the State’s debt isn’t exactly motivating me to go to work at freaking 5:45 in the morning to do two people’s jobs.

Thank GOD for the $5 all you can fill cup Tuesday’s at the yogurt place in the mall. That’s all.


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