Another chapter closed

Another chapter closed

For years I’ve had a burning question in my mind that I’ve never been able to quit. You know, a thought that has lingered. There have been times I’ve forgotten the subject, but time and time again my mind brings me back to one of the most important mysteries of my childhood….a mystery that almost made me wonder if in fact I was having a true memory or if I had made it up in my head….

“Whatever happened to the McPizza at McDonald’s??”

And then the most amazing thing happened. Yahoo published an article about the 12 McDonald’s Menu items that Failed…and there was my prized McPizza….

They tried to make it sound like no one loved those hot, fried, pizza goodies, but I did McDonald’s. I did!

It was 198- (something) and I was in elementary school and I would have given my left foot to go to McDonald’s and get me one of those McPizza’s (thanks, mom for boycotting fast food and thereby making me cherish those few McPizza moments).

Sometimes, I eat the three cheese pizza lean pockets and I’m reminded of the McPizza and wonder where they disappeared to. I’m pretty sure I’ve asked more than a dozen people if they even remembered them and not one did…maybe it was a midwest thing (we lived in Ohio at the time)?

Anywho, more than 20 years later I’m finally able to close the McPizza chapter in my life and move on. The McPizza existed, I loved it, and now it’s gone.

I miss you, you hot cheesy mess, that inevitable burned the roof of my mouth every time.

Every time!



4 thoughts on “Another chapter closed

  1. My 21-year-old TA was reading that website to me on Thursday and she said “What is the McDLT?” and I yelled “It keeps the hot side hot and the cold side cold!!” It seemed so clever at the time! I couldn’t stop laughing as I described it and the ad campaign to her and she kept looking at me with more and more bewilderment. Kids these days!

    I’ve had your kind of epiphany before where I’ve been absolutely sure something existed and everyone has acted like I was nuts! It’s quite vindicating!


  2. You’ve really captured my heart with this one. I vaguely remember the McPizza, but I certainly remember the McDLT. I am going to read the article right now! Thanks for sharing!


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