Jamie is 11 months old!!

Jamie is 11 months old!!

It is almost impossible for me to believe that Jamie is going to be a year old in just 1 short month! The one piece of baby advice I received that was definitely true is the fact that the first year goes by very quickly. Too quickly, in my opinion. My little girl is all growed up!

Jamie continues with her sassy little personality in her 11th month. Besides waving “bye, bye,” clapping patty cake, and answering her phone(“h-lo”), Jamie now enjoys shaking her head “No,” at us! It’s too funny, and makes it very difficult to be serious when I really do want to say no to her to stop doing whatever it is she’s getting into.

Jamie’s also been adding to her vocabulary. She now has about 8-10 words in her vocabulary. I’ve heard her say “bye, bye,” “baby,” and a few animal sounds, too! She “baaaaas,” like a goat, “moooos,” like a cow, and she even tried to say “oink” the other day. She also says, “pat, pat, pat.”

Jamie has not started walking yet, but she has taken a few steps. Actually, she took her first two steps on her Grandpa Tow’s birthday! Instead of walking on her own, she likes to push around her stroller, the walker, and a few of her walking toys.

Jamie’s favorite thing to do these days is have dance parties! We turn the tv on to a music channel and Jamie dances while crawling and playing with her toys. I can’t wait to put her into Miss Linda’s Dance studio next year when she turns two!

Jamie still loves reading. Her favorite books are the touch and feel books. She raelly loves the animal touch and feel book we have which is where she learned the animal sounds (thanks to Daddy).

As always, Jamie is still a great eater. She prefers to feed herself now, and is finally eating gluten and poultry. She LOVES turkey burgers! She’s also a bean eater. I think her favorites are still mandarin oranges and pancakes. She just can’t get enough of them. Annie’s mac & cheese is coming in a close second, though.  🙂 We’re also transitioning her from the bottle to sippy cup. She only drinks from a bottle at night before bed and is down to 16 oz of formula a day. We’ll be weaning her completely off the bottle and formula by the time she’s one.

Jamie’s such a big girl now that we’ve transitioned her into 18 month clothes now. Some of the pants are a little long, but they still fit well. She’s also still in size 4 diapers.

Jamie’s personality is starting to shine, and I know this is only the beginning. Only one more month before she becomes a toddler. Yikes!


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