Calgon take me away…

Calgon take me away…

I am no longer myself. I am just an empty zombie of my former self. I am just sooooo tired. Every year I think it’s going to be the year I get used to waking up at 5 am. Today is day 2 and I admit defeat. 😦

Honestly, the hardest part has been leaving Jamie again. I certainly got spoiled this summer getting to be with her every morning and all day. I miss my mornings with her. Even Jamie doesn’t wake up at freaking 5 am in the morning. Thankfully, she has the courtesy to wake me up after 7 am.

Speaking of Jamie, she’s actually becoming more sassy as she gets older. Jamie’s new trick? Biting. Yes, she likes to bite shoulders, and my wrist, and my toes! She loves to bite my toes!!! Ack, I hate feet, so this is really a travesty for me.

But you know what’s worse than a toe biting baby?? A baby that’s growing up! She’s going to be 11 months tomorrow! Yikes! In one more month I’ll have a toddler. Someone pass me my solo cup filled with cheap boxed wine. Stat!




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