I made it through the first week back at school without incident. It’s definitely weird being back without my second half. For one, it is very quiet in the room. Two, there are just so many weird things happening at school with staff and other things. I don’t know. Without being too convoluted, I’ll just say that past friends don’t appear as friendly, old enemies don’t seem as scary, and nothing is what it seems. LOL…ok, that’s pretty confusing.

I’d like to say I’m ready for Monday with the kids, but I’m not. Doing two people’s jobs is not conducive to getting things done quickly, so yeah. Not ready. I’ve got my syllabus printed out though, so I figure I’ll just take it day by day. But, still…Monday is a pretty big day for me on both professional and personal levels. If I could wake up a week later, it would be wonderful.

The most notable difference this year, besides the fact that I’m boss around my parts, is my new neighbor…..

I once wrote a very passive aggressive post (what else is new, right?) about a teacher at school that pissed me off. I won’t even link to it, cause I think my reader base is bigger now and I don’t wish to get myself into trouble. Anyway, this teacher I wrote about is now the said neighbor.

I’m thinking this is double karma. You know the whole “the goes around comes around,” philosophy? I talked shit about him one day when he pissed me off so he’s my new neighbor. He complained about my program and now he gets to listen to opening circle, closing circle, free play, regular play, painting, rainy days inside, and well, lot’s of preschool noises…..all.day.long.



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