Summer has officially ended

Summer has officially ended

I made it to my first day back at school without Carol and I did not cry!

Yay for me!

AND, yay for the night crew thatstayed late to put all my furniture back on Friday night so that I wouldn’t have to do it myself today. Love those guys! I made sure to give them a big thanks. I should probably bring them donuts or something this week.

It was definitely hard leaving Jamie again this morning. I got spoiled over the summer spending 24/7 with her. I stood at the front door for at least 5 minutes waving bye bye to her, but then I managed to drag myself to my car and get my ass to work.

So, want to know the best thing about the school year starting back up? Lilly Pulitzer Agenda’s. I just got mine in the mail today and I’m suuuperr excited to fill it up.

Now, excuse me while I got put on my nerd glasses and play with my new toy.




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