So long icky neighbor

So long icky neighbor

If you’ve been following this blog for a while (like since 2008), then you may remember this guy in my neighborhood who liked to parade around his driveway in a speedo.

It was pretty horrible. Actually, just the other day he was out and about in the ole speedo again, but this time I refrained from snapping any pictures.

Weelllll….the old guy, his wife, and his super ugly dog (I mean it. I know it’s like saying a baby is ugly, but this dog was fugly) moved out today! 

So weird! All this time we’ve been annoyed that he lets his dog run around without a leash and his indecent exposure in that nasty speedo, but when we saw the moving van and then him and his wife leave, it was kind of sad. 😦

When else am I going to crouch behind my car and sneak pictures of an old man in underwear? I’m pretty sure it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. (Actually, I should probably be careful what I wish for, since someone new is probably moving in soon…)

We’ll miss you pervy guy and your ugly dog! (ok, not really)


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