Mommy Myth #937

Mommy Myth #937

“Baby poop isn’t that bad. It’s like your own poop.”

Lies! Lies! Lies!

Granted, at first it isn’t so bad, but not because it’s like”your own poop.” More like it’s a novelty because you have a new baby and it’s cute. You are genetically wired to think your baby is cute and therefore everything it does is cute (so they say).

Buuuttt…..then one day you have a giant baby that eats table food. You’re giving your sweet adorable baby a bath when you hear her grunt. You say, “What are you doing silly?”

Then you see poop. Lot’s of it. And, it’s not ok!

Thankfully, I can still hold my wine glass tonight even though my fingertips are burned off from scrubbing down the baby bath and shower with bleach.


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