The old versus new

The old versus new

Matt and I frequently discuss how much our lives have changed since we’ve become parents. Obviously our priorities have changed, but it’s still kind of funny how quickly things shift.

Old Suzanne on a Sunday night:

Cut and file all nails (hands and feet), massage on cuticle oil, take 15 minutes deciding which color to paint. Pick a color that matches all of my pre-picked out outfits for the week and coordinate jewelry to match. Watch a little t.v. with wine. Go to the beach and watch the sunset and grab some Angelo’s pizza and a beer across the street at Shipwreck.

New Suzanne on a Sunday night:

Drink wine. Cut a nasty hangnail off my big toe. Quickly throw on some fast drying polish over the chipped nails. Drink some more wine and then check laundry to make sure I have some clothes to throw together for the week (i.e make sure there is enough underwear). Go through the DVR and delete everything I haven’t had time to watch. Drink wine, clip coupons and make grocery list for tomorrow’s shopping. Drink more wine and go to bed early.


And you wonder why I don’t have anything exciting to blog about anymore….

On the bright side, I met a lady today who has a bigger baby than mine (a whole month younger than Jamie!).

The bad news is that I don’t have enough underwear for the week. 😦


2 thoughts on “The old versus new

  1. Funny I was having this exact convo with Josh last night, except my life doesn’t involve wine, oh I can’t wait until it involves wine again! I do have a random question that you may have extensive knowledge in. I’m working on a home organization notebook to reflect to-do’s, menus, cleaning schedule, etc. Wondering if you have one, and or a cleaning schedule that you follow?


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