Let the nightmares begin!

Let the nightmares begin!

Well, in typical fashion my yearly nightmares about going back to school have started. Again, not your traditional going to school and forgetting your locker combination or your pants….more like the one where you’re the teacher and your kids don’t stop talking and your screaming and then they walk out of your classroom, etc.

So, after one of those dreams I got my butt into work today to get some paperwork done. I know I don’t need to get to school until Aug. 15th, but I thought I could get a head start, you know? Well, let’s just say after 5 hours I got a lot of papers done but not a lot of work done….the desks and the preschool are a hot mess. Literally. The air conditioning is down and so they are not done cleaning my carpets which means all the furniture and stuff is scattered.

I really hope this gets taken care of before Aug. 15th.  I really really hope so.

Once again I find myself crying on the way home cause Carol is gone and I’m all by myself this year.

Can you tell I’m freaking about my new state of affairs?

It’s not like I haven’t taught on my own before. I definitely taught without a co-teacher for several years before my current situation. That’s not what I’m scared about…it’s the whole running a preschool. Cause, basically I’m running a business, watching out for wee ones, and then there are the teens. It’s just a lot to juggle and I’m freaked!

AND, I had 4 voicemail waiting for me when I got to my desk. 4! It’s not like I’m a brain surgeon, but apparently people need to talk to me cause one of our support staff told me he was getting tons of calls for me. Wahhh!!

Anywho, I’m going to try and relax and go back in next week to get some furniture moved. 😦

In other news, I’ve caught yet another bug (that’s two this summer). So, I haven’t been able to complete p90x this week….It’s not an excuse, I swear! I can barely breathe out of my nostrils and that makes things really hard. But, you know what’s not hard? Drinking wine. Wine is good and I hear it helps clear your sinuses. Ok, I didn’t hear that, but I’m feeling better already!


One thought on “Let the nightmares begin!

  1. Oh, I have those same nightmares! I’ll be standing at the front of the room SCREAMING my head off and the students will be talking or mocking me or acting up or leaving or whatever and it is SO upsetting! Or, I’ll dream that I’ve forgotten to teach a class all semester and no one noticed (how is that possible?). Last night I dreamt that it was five minutes before my first class and I not only wasn’t prepared but I’d completely forgotten to write a syllabus.

    This summer one of my nightmares came true — I was working with a class of students and someone started doing construction right outside of the room. I found myself screaming over the noise and had the same panic I do during my school nightmares!


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