Jamie’s 10 months old!!

Jamie’s 10 months old!!

At 22 pounds and 11 ounces, Jamie is a very big 10 month old! In fact, the Dr. told me the other day that if he didn’t know her real age he would think she was more like 15 months old. Is this a precursor for when she turns 21? I’d really hate for her to be 18 at the bars and no one card her cause they think she’s older. Hmpf!

This last month Jamie has developed like crazy! She is such a talker and at this point I’ve heard her say, “Dada,” “Mama,” “Whoa,” “Oh,” and “Uh Oh.” My parents swore they heard her say “Boo,” (our cat) but I’m not sure about that one cause I haven’t heard it, yet.

Jamie can now also wave “bye, bye” and clap her hands to patty cake! It’s so adorable and I was startled when she first started doing this because I’ve been teaching her these for months. Of course,she all of the sudden starts doing it out of the blue one day like she’s known them all along. Silly, girl!

At this point, Jamie now has 8 teeth! She had 7 for so long, but the 8th one finally came in this last month. Although she is still a gluten-free, vegetarian baby, I’ve been introducing lots of finger foods. Her favorites are green beans, peas, carrots, brown rice, peaches, mandarin oranges (literally sucks these up) and bananas. I’ve also started giving her yo baby 3-in1 yogurts with fruit and veggie purees in them, Annie’s gluten-free mac &  cheese and Gerber apple wagon wheels. This month I’m going to introduce some chicken and maybe turkey, we’ll see…

Jamie still loves reading books and playing with her toys, but one of her guilty pleasures in Bubble Guppies. She literally stops what she’s doing to see the tv if she hears the theme song. I never planned on letting her watch tv this young, but the show is about 15 minutes long and I never use it as a babysitter since I put it on in the background while she plays no more than twice a day.

Jamie is still wearing 12 month size clothes and size 4 diapers. I’m thinking that she’ll be in the 18 months sizes before her first birthday. Just a hunch!

Jamie’s also been doing a lot of travelling this last month. Besides out trip to the Key’s, Jamie went to Illinois to visit her Grandma & Grandpa Tow, her two aunts, and her cousins!

 Swinging at Aunt Jenny’s

Princess for a day at Grandma’s house

Princess Jamie with her cousin Brooke

Driving cousin Cody’s car

Getting some snacks from cousin Cody


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