And the answer is….

And the answer is….


That’s right people. I was sick, I was in the Key’s up until Tuesday, my netbook charger is broken and not charging well, and I totally accidentally stole a bunch of organic bananas at Super Target last week before our trip.

Would it be weird to go to customer service and tell them I accidentally left without paying them and then try to give them some money for it? I really didn’t mean to do it, but by the time I realized it, I had a fussy baby and it was raining and I just didn’t feel like going back in. I know. I’d hate to go to the purgatory for bananas, but it may happen.

Anywho, let’s talk about our little mini vacay to the Keys. The other West’s invited us to stay with them for the 4th of July weekend and it was a blast! We went to the Southernmost point, drank fresh mojito’s, had some fun at the beach, went kayaking, and had a few mini “fireworks” (as in snaps and sparklers) of our own. I couldn’t ask for a better fourth of July!

The view

Our friendly neighbor

Acting silly

Unfortunately, this lady probably looks better in her bathing suit than I do in mine….

Jamie chillaxin at the beach in her baby hut

The backyard

So Matt can’t say I don’t make anything anymore…red, white, and blue strawberries

Star spangled cake


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