Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting

So we did it. We let someone outside our family watch Jamie for the first time today….

I felt so sick with worry leaving for my training today. Besides the occasional gym daycare (in which I never leave the building and take sneak peaks of Jamie through a mirrored glass), Jamie has never been left alone with anyone besides our parents or siblings. This was our first try at having an outside babysitter come in to get us ready for next school year. The plan is to have someone come twice or three times a week to watch Jamie next school year. It’s only for 4 hours, but it felt like forever.

The irony is that the girl is one of my old students who graduated, is 19, going to college, and I personally trained her to take care of children. Easy peasy, right?


I was freaked.

I’m pretty sure I left her notes long enough to print into a booklet.

Notes included:

Sleep schedule
Food Schedule
How to change diaper
The use of the pacifier
How to entertain Jamie

Um, yeah. I know you are either:

a) Making fun of me and laughing out loud hysterically (or HLOL- how’s that for text lingo?….Booyah!)

b) Rolling your eyes and calling me a helicopter mom. (Whatever!)

When we got home Jamie was in a WONDERFUL mood. I mean, she was really happy. She must have been thrilled to have someone else to play with.

Speaking of helicopter moms, someone tell me the daily meal plan of your 9-12 month old please….I’m trying to add finger foods in the loop and I’m scerrred. Jamie choked on a teething biscuit yesterday and I was seriously seconds away from giving her the baby Heimlich. Someone send me some ideas that won’t put me into early retirement, please.


9 thoughts on “Adventures in Babysitting

  1. I followed a sample menu from all childrens that my sister gave me and it really helped!
    @ 7-8 mo I started my daughter on mashed potatoes and soft table foods (american cheese slices, yogurt, etc)I also started my daughter on mum-mums. they are like a rice cracker (less messy than those teething biscuits which I hated for the messiness! they will gum the mum mums or chew off a piece.) I also added chopped chick, lean means, mashed beans- anything that was finely chopped or soft.
    @ 10 mo it told me to add chopped or ground table food for some texture- I cannot remember what I did–maybe less pureeing of the meals I made. I was always afraid of her choking as well!
    @11 mo it says you can give graham cracker and give finger foods.
    Once you start to add more and more, you will get less scared.
    Good luck! oh yea and cottage cheese, yogurt, applesauce-those are good staples for soft foods too!


  2. We give Emma lots of beans…black beans, black eyed peas, cannelini beans…they are soft and she loves them. She also eats pasta, peas, avocados, watermelon, cherries, nectarines…she refused jarred baby food several months ago and we’ve been feeding her table food ever since. If Jamie has a desire to feed herself, she’ll make it happen. I never really liked those teething biscuits and prefer Graham crackers or unsalted saltines. I also give her reduced sodium lunch meat and she has no problems despite her lack of teeth (her first two are just coming in now).


  3. Hi Suzanne, When my boys were at that finger food age, I would give them tiny cut foods that were soft and easy to chew. Some of the things I tried were bits of banana, cheerios, peas and carrots (the frozen bag kind), whole grain rice and small shaped pasta, watermelon cut into small bit-sized pieces.

    Good luck,
    Melanie : )


    1. Melanie- I just bought some whole grain rice but I’ve been too afraid to give it to her after our little “incident” on Sunday….I guess I’ll have to put on my big-girl panties and watch her closely, or else she’ll never eat solid food. LOL!


  4. There’s one somewhere on my blog from when Holder was that age. For Miller, who’s what, 1 week older than Jamie?, he eats either pancakes or waffles or cheerios for bfast, bananas, soft veggies (I find it’s difficult to get the frozen to get soft enough- I know canned isn’t great but they’re softer), puffs, yogurt, cheese, soft cooked pasta (little wheels in spaghetti sauce with veggies or mac and cheese), turkey meatballs (cut up). Just start off with small bites- I think waffles are some of the easiest things to start with. Turkey is also pretty easy for them to mash and easy to digest. I usually do finger foods first and then finish with a puree so that I know they’re getting enough nutrition and don’t worry if they don’t eat the finger foods. I also offer water in a sippy at each meal. I don’t even try juice until 18 months and Holder won’t drink juice anyway, but I suspect Miller will. Good luck!


    1. Aja, I was thinking about those pancakes you make with the veggies and fruits in them. Do you mind passing the recipe along??


  5. Thanks, ladies!!! I REALLY appreciate your comments! I bought some green beans, yogurt, peaches, pears, and rice noodles to start with. She’s been eating mum mum’s, puffs, and cut up banana’s like crazy the last month, so I know she’ll enjoy some of your ideas for variety. ❤


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