Today I cried like a baby

Today I cried like a baby

Most years I jump for joy on the last day of school. Today, I cried.

Today, wasn’t just the last day of school, it was the last day of a long time relationship with my co-teacher. She has been such a huge supporter and mentor to me. I feel lost thinking about the rest of the years without her. I really don’t know what I will do without her.

I tried to keep it in all morning. We moved her stuff out of the office and moved my stuff in. My eyes kept welling up with tears during the process, but I would go into the other room and get a hold of myself before she could see. She seemed so happy to retire and start a new life, that I just couldn’t bear to bring her down.

When it was time to load my car, she helped me out with all the stuff I had to take home to work on over the summer. She gave me a hug and I broke down. I’m crying now just thinking about it. I know I will see her again, but it will be different…I can’t pawn off students on her when their bugging me…I can’t ask her for advice on how to manage some of our lengthy assignments….She won’t be sending out all the thousands of paperwork we have to send over the summer to get the kids their certificates to work in perschools…It’s all on me now and I’m freaked!

I should be happy that I’m finally moving up the ladder. I’ll be the new director of the preschool and the department head. But, I have some huge shoes to fill next year. I hope I can do it as well as she did!


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