Thursday Writer’s Workshop

Thursday Writer’s Workshop

Elaborate on last week’s 6 word memoir.

Well, many of you know I’m a teacher, so it probably doesn’t come to a surprise to you that I count the days down to summer. Now, is this because I don’t like teaching? Noooo. I love teaching, I really do. I even love the most annoying students (mostly),even some ornery old co-workers (mostly),  and I love getting up at 5 am to get to school by 6:30 (ok, I’m lying there).

Did you know my grandmother was a highschool teacher? Yes! And, the first thing she told me when I got a summer job after my first year of teaching was this: “Honey, there is a reason teacher’s get the summers off. You need it, or else you wouldn’t come back to teach the next year. It’s just enough time to erase the stress of last school year and get you excited for the new school year.”

She was right. I’ve never worked another summer since. Every spring the kids drive me just crazy enough to wonder why I got into teaching to begin with. By the end of July I’m pumped and ready for the next group of kids.

This year is a little different for me. In the past I’ve never had much of anything going on in the summer except a trip to Vegas or Illinois. This year I have a little girl waiting for me at home to entertain. When I left in January to go back to school, her biggest feat was reaching up to grab for a toy on her activity gym. Now she can roll over, sit up, stand up, crawl, and cruise. I can’t wait for the next 8 weeks devoted to my little girl. What will she do next?

You know why I’m really happy about the summer this year, though (besides my baby)?


It’s not like we’ve been infested with them all year. Not at all. That just wouldn’t be acceptable with the preschoolers. But, somehow last week they started creeping in. I thought maybe it was the rain, or maybe the roaches know it’s summer and they’re looking for scraps the kids left behind. But, really it was because two rooms down the teacher had their room “fumigated” for roaches (in school talk that means a little spray and some traps). Apparently, the custodian didn’t get the memo that you will need to “fumigate” the whole building or else the damn roaches will escape to the nearest room.

 So, yeah. That leaves me to this morning when I went to use our bathroom. There was a HUGE roach scurrying around by the trash can. I’m not exaggerating here. I’m pretty sure he was carrying a briefcase and talking on his cell phone. I tried to kill (yes- I kill bugs. What about it?) the monster and the sucker wouldn’t die. I then grabbed a trash can to smash it with. Nothing. I’m pretty sure he just ran faster. Seriously? What have we created in this world that we have nondestructable roaches in our habitat? I had to get the big industrial size garbage that’s probably bigger than me to kill it, and even that was questionable. I flushed it for good measure. That roach is now floating in the sea of life with the sea monkey’s..God rest their Souls.

Did I mention, only 1 more day until summer starts??


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Writer’s Workshop

  1. OMG… I HATE roaches. They are absolutely disgusting to me. On my first job the guys thought it was a cool idea to catch them and put them on me. Only furthered my fear/loathing of them! Yikes…

    Stopping by from Mama Kats.


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