Isit summer, yet? And, is it bad that I’m happy not to see some of my students ever again?

Isit summer, yet? And, is it bad that I’m happy not to see some of my students ever again?

People, I’m tired. And I’m COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS until summer!

8 more days with students, 10 more days of school, plus 4 days of training (really? Is this necessary)…

I’m so happy about having Monday off for Memorial day, that I would do a cart-wheel if I could. I actually don’t know if I could do one,  cause I haven’t tried to and let’s be honest, I don’t feel like trying. But I’m doing mental cart-wheels, I assure you!

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I’m annoyed with a few select students, I’m annoyed by some teacher emails, I’m just annoyed, period.

Like today, for instance. I signed a form to discharge a student. She’s been a problem student this semester..I generally get attitude and not-so-silent eye daggers from her on a pretty regular basis (when she’s at school). I should be happy I don’t have to deal with her for the last 8 days, right? But no…it irked me. She’s dropping out to get her GED and I find it absurd!

Today was the big DCF testing I do twice a year. I should be relieved it’s over, right? But, no….I find out there were some test questions on one of the exams that not only were not in the powerpoints I taught, but they are nowhere to be found in my teacher manual, either. Really? The state resorts to tricking kids further on major testing? Why?!? I don’t get it!

As you can see I’m in a generally crappy mood. Even the cake I ate didn’t make me feel better. I was pretty sure butter cream frosting and chocolate cake could cure the grumpies- WRONG!

I’m just going to stop here and refrain from allowing the wrath of my hate to continue onto my poor bloggy readers. I’m also going to bow out of the writer’s workshop today.

I’m not in the mood! 😦


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