When it Rains it Pours

When it Rains it Pours

I had a doozy of a week last week. Life altering things happened to me and I’m still recovering from it. I don’t know where to start, so let’s just talk about school for now…

I’ve mentioned several times throughout this blog that I was hired to take over another teachers job for when she retired, right? Well, the time has come, and this is her final year. I have super mixed emotions about this.

On the one hand, she has been a terrific mentor, a huge supporter of me, a good friend, and an excellent co-worker. I will miss her for all those reasons.

On the other hand, I’m mostly going to miss her because the Principal dropped a bombshell on me on Tuesday. They aren’t going to replace her job….

Uh, in other words it will be me and nothing but me with 30 preschoolers and about 30+ highschoolers all at the same time. Everyday, 5 days a week.

I’m freaking out, people.

I mean, I knew this was a possibility. I should be happy that I had the opportunity to work together with her for the last 3 years so that I could be prepared for this job.

Alone, though? I don’t know.

Did I mention I’m freaking out?

I’ve teetered back and forth with being ok with this for the last 5 days.

Do you think I can call out all next year?

PS-  A big “Thanks” to Rick Scott for cutting even more money from the Florida Education System, you dickhead. What’s next? Shall I work for free? I mean, I basically will be anyhow after 3% of my salary goes to the retirement system, I get 3 furlough days and my insurance goes up.


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