My First Mother’s Day (a week late)

My First Mother’s Day (a week late)

This year I had my first Mother’s Day! It was a beautiful day because I chose that day to have Jamie baptized! All of our family was there (almost). Mom and Dad Tow came from Illinois along with Matt’s sister, Amy. My sister and brother-in-law came up from Miami. We had other family members come visit from Orlando and Valrico, too….even friends of the family from California¬†made it!

The weather was perfect and so was everything else. Since I’m a little crazy, I picked a pink and yellow theme (I know, you’d think I planned a wedding…) and made desserts and favors to match….

I filled the yellow cupcakes with key lime curd and the pink ones with strawberry rhubarb.

Jamie was as pretty as a bride…

Jamie’s godparents are her Uncle Mike and Tia (Aunt Elaine).

It was such a special day to have all of our family together and share in our little miracle. I feel so blessed to be a mother. Having Jamie has been the greatest gift to me and to our family. My life has never been better and I am so thankful for it and for Jamie’s.


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