Thursday Writer’s Workshop

Thursday Writer’s Workshop

My First Car

Let me preface by saying that I was not gifted a brand new car when I turned 16 (probably the best decision my parents ever made). However, my parents did let me drive one of the old family cars.

It was a 1984 or 1985 Baby Blue Mazda GLC. Something like this except not with all the wood coming out of the windows…Mine had something more like Flags and Sabers coming out the windows…(Go CHS Colorguard!!)

image found here

Now this car was extra special. So special in fact, that I named him PW. PW was an incredibly sweet little nickname that I named the car that was the actual initials for the name “penis wrinkle.”

I assure you that at age 16, 17, and even today at age, er, ah-hem, 29, I do not know what a “penis wrinkle” is, but at the time it sounded appropriate for the car. It probably had something to do with the fact that the car was old and decrepit and about to break down at any moment. Fortunately for me, it never did break down on me. Hallelujah!

I have to say that I do miss the good ole days with PW. Many times PW was driven down to the beach with the windows rolled down, slurpee in hands, just for the hell of it. On occasion I was rebellious and drove it to *gasp!* Tampa. Once I even skipped school all together to take PW to the State Fair.

Let’s take a moment to relish in PW’s magnificent baby powder blue color. I bet you haven’t seen that color on any cars made from 1990 on…baby blue must be in yucky car color heaven with lipstick red, I presume.

My fondest memory of PW was the dash-board. See, I was a young and very naive little girl. For weeks the most incredible, cutest little light kept coming on PW’s dash. I thought, “PW must be sending me a message from above.” because I was young and a little flighty, it took me 3 whole weeks to remember to ask my dad what the sign meant. It dawned on me one afternoon when my parents took a trip to Canada and left me home in charge that I should probably figure out what it meant. So, when my dad called to check in I had a conversation with him on the landline (with a really long cord) that went something like this….

“Oh, daddy, I’ve been meaning to tell you that there’s a light on in my car.”

“What kind of light,” he asked a little grumpily (and yet lovingly).

“I don’t know,” I shrugged.

“Well, what does it look like,” my dad asked impatiently.

“It looks like a little teapot,” I responded.

Riiiggghhht… needless to say PW had run out of oil. Who knew cars needed oil? Anyway, all was good when my friend Nick came over and fed PW a little oil.

These days I’ve moved on to cars with air conditioning and ABS wheels. I also have better hair, but I digress.  I miss you, PW! You were a penis wrinkle for sure, but we had some good times you crazy car!

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12 thoughts on “Thursday Writer’s Workshop

  1. PW sounds pretty great! It’s amazing what most people’s first cars were, compared to what they’re probably driving now.

    My very first car had no air conditioning, only 2 speakers, a floor that resembled swiss cheese with all the holes and was so small, that when I was in the drivers seat, I could reach behind, and touch the mirror on the back seat, passenger side window. Her name was Lady Bug (red with black trim she was) and even though she was a total piece of crap, she was my first car and I loved it.


    1. oh, I like the name lady bug! I’m assuming your black trim was a piece of rubber glued around the edge of the car? PW had some black trim just like that…


  2. My first car was a 80-ish junker as well. My father insisted on me having a stick shift, which just made the experience even more crazy.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve named all of my cars Jane though…not quite creative enough for penis wrinkle. 🙂


    1. PW was a stick shift, too! My dad also made me learn on a stick. I was annoyed by it at the time, but I’m glad I know how to drive one now…


  3. I love that you told your Dad the light looked like a little teapot. Hilarious. That is totally something I would do! My first car was a family car, a tan Volare. Scary but fun. Once it’s gears shifted so that when you put the car in drive the display said reverse. I had fun messing with my friends… I’d say “Hey look, I’m driving in reverse!”


  4. PW! Priceless!

    I’ll let you in on a little secret, if I had a car at 16 and if a tea pot light came on I would’ve explained it something like you did. Sad fact is my dad was a mechanic.


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