Thursday Writer’s Workshop

Thursday Writer’s Workshop

A memorable high school job

When I was in high school I had

I’ll give you a hint….it’s where a kid can be a kid!

You got it! At the sweet age of sixteen I was chosen to work at Chuck E. Cheese. Now, I know some of you are cringing at this thought, thinking of screaming kids and throw up, but you got it all wrong! It was really a blast.

My jobs duties included cutting the fresh salad every morning, handling the cash register, serving beer and wine (oh, yes i did!), handing out cotton candy, and exchanging tickets for power ranger tattoo’s.

Did you know that every single morning at 5:30 am Chuck E. Cheese accepts a fresh vegetable delivery? Their salad is fresh every single day. I was very proud of my salad services and to this day I feel I can cut a pretty mean salad. You can feel safe knowing that it’s not old crap their serving if you want to opt out of the greasy pizza.Well, ok, there was once when I lost one of my press on nails in the lettuce, but no one was hurt, thankfully.

Every shift I got free pizza, free soda, and the left over cotton candy. It doesn’t get any better than that, people!

When my dad told me that summer was over and I had to quit to concentrate on my school I was devastated. I mean, truly devastated. I was SO angry at him. How else were we going to sneak beer and wine in cotton candy bags after hours (sorry mom!). It was a real disappointment.

Alas, I do still have fond memories of my day’s with Chuck E. In particular, I remember one very enthusiastic Chuck E. got stuck in the tunnel. Poor guy. I thought he was waving at the kids, but apparently he was trying to get help. He was about passed out and had to be carried back “home,” but he survived, Thank God. The kids mad sure to give him the other half of their 10 ticket “best friend” necklaces and all was well again.

The best thing about Chuck E. Cheese is the very eclectic crowd. Why just this past weekend the fam went to enjoy some Chuck E. time and we saw a male infant (about 3 months old) with a skully cap and one very large cz earring. He looked just like daddy, sweet boy. See, not only can a kid be a kid, but a kid can be an adult, too. Like I said, best.job.EVER.

I heart you Chuck E. Cheese.

*I learned to my dismay on Saturday that there is a 2 drink minimum at Chuck E. these days. A real travesty if you ask me…

**I was employee of the month that summer, too. I took my job very seriously, as you can see.

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Writer’s Workshop

  1. I am cracking up over the image of Chuck E Cheese stuck in the tunnel! Sounds like a great job. We go there every now and then, and I love the salad bar! 🙂


  2. Hah – that’s the 2nd Chuck E Cheese job I’ve read about via Mama Kat’s workshop! And yet again, I’m amazed you both actually liked it!


  3. You are the 2nd post that I read where someone worked at Chuck E. Cheese. You guys should have a reunion 🙂

    I am glad you liked your job so much!


  4. I would have loved working there too for the free beer and wine after hours.

    As an adult, I really think they need to lift that 2 drink minimum because how else do they expect us to sit at that place for birthday parties?


    1. my thoughts exactly! I needed two just to be there…another two and I would have actually enjoyed the loudness. 🙂


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