Jamie is 7 months old!

Jamie is 7 months old!

Jamie is quite the mover these days! She is SO active, it’s hard to believe that the there was a time that she just laid there. Cause, those days are WAY over.

Although Jamie isn’t crawling yet, it’s just a matter of time. Like days…Even still, she really doesn’t have much of a problem getting where she needs to go. She likes to scoot around on her belly or roll around to get to various  places.

Jamie has had quite a few “firsts” this last month.

Like, her first trip to the park and ride on a swing…

Her first dip in the pool…

Her first pair of earrings…

Her first trip to the Aquarium (relaxing outside in the kiddie area)…

Her first trip to Busch Gardens and Sea World…

Her first trip to the Beach…


Her first Easter…

And her first time celebrating her Daddy’s Birthday!!

At 28 weeks, we’re pretty sure she started saying “DaDa.” She’s babbling up a storm. Actually, I swear she said “yeah” the other day when I asked her if she was ok when she was coughing. Let’s not get crazy, though,  and just say her first word was “Dada.” She also started sitting up on her own that week. She still has her weebly wobbly moments, but for the most part she can stay up without support.

Jamie has such a funny sense of humor. She loves to laugh and smile. We have such a fun time trying to make her laugh and interacting with her.

Jamie is a great eater, also. We’ve added apricots, green beans, and cauliflower to her diet. She’s even started eating the Baby Mum Mum rice crackers. She LOVES those things. I can stick her in the high chair with one of those crackers for at least 30 minutes and get things done like the dishes or even dinner.

As for Jamie’s growth, she is wearing mostly 9 month sizes, but still has some 6 and 6/9 month outfits that fit her pretty well. I’ve even stuck her in some 12 month sizes even though there is still some room to grow.

We love our little girl, and love watching her grow. She’s so big now! I guess it’s true what they say…”Time flies when you’re having fun”!


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