NIAW Time again!

NIAW Time again!

This week (April 24-30) is National Infertility Awareness Week!!! Let the Infertile’s unite!

This year Resolve is busting the myth about Infertility and you can, too. If you are interested in Resolve “bust the myth” go here to see what you can do.

I’m going to start by “busting the myth” on IVF.

Myth: If you have IVF you will become the octo-mom.

BUSTED! Although you do have a higher chance of multiples than the women who do not have fertility treatments, your chances of multiples greater than twins are less than 5%! Reproductive Endocrinologist’s who perform IVF are very careful to not implant too many embryo’s. My own RE made his recommendation to me based on my age, uterine lining quality, and passed failed treatments/pregnancies. Carrying more than twins is very risky for both the mother and the babies. Your RE should sit down and give you his recommendation and let you know what the risks are. Whatever he suggests, remember that you ultimately have the final decision. Even if the RE recommends to implant 3 embryo’s, you can choose to only implant one or two if you choose. In fact, there have been studies that show that implanting one embryo is no better than implanting two, and some European countries have followed suit on that premise. Whatever you decide, the choice is yours. Remember to stay informed and know ALL your options!!

For more information on Infertility, go here.

For more information on NIAW, go here.

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