What animal are you??

What animal are you??

I finally have some time to watch some of my DVR’d shows and caught an old episode of the Talk. They did a quiz called, “The Animal in You.”

My curiosity caught the best of me, so I went over and took the quiz. I thought I might be something like a lion or maybe an elegant giraffe or something.

But, no.

Nothing fun or strong or elegant. Not at all. In fact, they said I was a..



A Baboon.

No worries. Apparently I could also be a horse, or a prairie dog??

Well, I guess prairie dogs are cute, I suppose. Sort of….

Anywho, according to the site, “It takes brains to be quick witted and amusing and the baboon has plenty of them. But, these are also affectionate creatures, and if you were to watch a family of baboons at play, you’d be struck by the relaxed attitude and the constant touching that goes on between them.”

I’m sure they meant nice snuggly, friendly touching. Not violating, scary touching, right?!

And then I saw this, “Baboon personalities come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually powerfully built smaller individuals with bright appealing eyes.”

Well, that’s not so bad. I mean, I do have large brown appealing eyes, if I do say so myself…

But then I saw this, “Arguably, they are neither handsome nor plain, and their robust personalities are engaging and charming. Little value is placed on physical exertion and they have a tendency to gain weight in later life.”

Well, crap! I think I see more Zumba in my future.

Find out what animal you are, here.


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