Brooke Burke’s 9 Essentials for New Moms

Brooke Burke’s 9 Essentials for New Moms

Has anyone checked out what Brooke Burke thinks is essential for new moms? Eh-hem. Uhhhhhhhh….

Ok, I want to be nice, here, but I can’t. Let’s face it, she’s an idiot. Well, that may be too harsh, but anyway….

I’ll let you read her article for yourself and just tell you the items I have problems with:

1) Bvlgari Petits et Mamans baby perfume

Really? Perfume? I mean, there are 100 other items I think might be more important. Like, let’s say….Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! Or, I don’t know….some nice cloth diapers, maybe? Just a suggestion.

2) A great masseuse that you can count on to make house calls when mommy needs a little TLC.

A masseuse that makes house calls? LOL! OMG, I can’t even respond to this. I mean, if she said get regular massages, I get it, but your own masseuse! C’mon, Brooke. How practical (and economical) is this for the average mother?

Alright, I’ve vented now. I think I may unfollow Brooke on twitter now. I can’t really take her serious after all that.  Your  own masseuse! Sheesh! Yeah, how about in my dreams….

 Just sayin’!


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