ok, tell me the truth…

ok, tell me the truth…

Now that we (well, I am here in Florida) are in the throes of bathing suit season I’ve been doing some thinking. Even though I’ve lost my baby weight, I’ve still got some to go, so the idea of wearing a bikini is just not doing it for me.

I suppose I could do the tried and true mom-kini tank-ini.

image found here.

Or, even the more conservative one-piece. 

image found here.

Here’s the thing, I’m not exactly comfortable with all my mom curves these days, and that includes my tree trunk legs. I mean, they are getting better, but still not where they need to be. So, lately that makes me interested in a little more coverage. Like, say….the swimdress!

I know what you’re thinking, but they do have some cute swim dresses out there!

Like this…

Image found here.

Or, this….

image found here.



OR, is this one of those things like when you wear a fanny pouch cause it’s way practical, but it’s just not ok? Tell me the truth! Am I crazy? Is this just a mumu made of swimsuit material that’s only cute in the deepest darkest figment of my imagination? Cause, I’m pretty sure I want me one of these.


9 thoughts on “ok, tell me the truth…

  1. Dude. I have one. They are only for awesome people. They are cute and only fashionista’s are allowed to wear them. THAT is the TRUTH!


  2. I bought a 50s-style Jantzen one-piece in teal at the end of last season (3 weeks after having Henry). It’s awesome; perfect cut for wanting to hide certain parts and it has extra strong spandex for a spanx-like quality. Two thumbs up!

    Also, the skirt-y ones you posted up top are really cute. 🙂


  3. I liked this blog very much it gives me inspiration to do something more. This is a blog which is full of great knowledge and it is really a good work to share our knowledge with others. Great Job…


  4. So, I hope I understand you correctly. But to be honest I’m just not too sure that it’s something I really want to try. Seems a bit risky. Lol I’m kind of a big scaredy cat.


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