Thursday Writer’s Workshop

Thursday Writer’s Workshop

Something embarrassing that happened at school

I was by no means, “Miss Popularity” going through school, although that’s not to say that I was the dorkiest kid, either. I hovered somewhere in the middle between the kid picked last in PE and saying hello to the pretty girls in the halls. Let’s face it, people. I’m not what one might call “athletic,” and I’m ok with that. But, I was quiet and shy and kept to my small comfortable group friends (many of whom I am still friends with). I was happy to not be popular, I don’t like being the center of attention, believe it or not.

What I am about to tell you is something I have kept in the deepest darkest crevices of my memories. Remember that I told you I was shy? Well, that also included talking to my teachers and asking them such things as, “Can I use the restroom.” And, since I was always scared of being late to class, I never went to the restroom during school hours. Which meant I held it in

I think you know where I’m going with this.

When I was in the sixth grade, I used to walk about 1.5 miles to and from school. It wasn’t in the snow, or barefoot, or backwards, but it was a long trek. Especially if you had to use the restroom because there were multiple parties which included soda do to a holiday. It started early on in the day. Around 2nd period I felt the slightest inkling of the urge to urinate. By 5th period it was a real need and by 7th I was close to a state of emergency.

I still had 1.5 miles to walk home, though. So, I very uncomfortably started the walk home with my good friend Sara in tow (toe not “tow”, I was still a “west” then- LOL!). It was horrible and torturous, but I walked on with my legs clamped as tightly shut as possible. There were times when I thought I would lose the battle, but I got just outside the neighborhood, just eye distance to my house and I hadn’t let a trickle slip, yet. I was golden (er, shower, that is)!

At that moment Sara looks over at me and confides she has a confession to make.

“I kept a lizard in my pocket at school all day, today,” she says.

“No, you didn’t.”

Sara pulls a small but very alive lizard from her pocket.

“I did. Look, he likes me to wear him like an earring,” and promptly attached him to her ear lobe where he dangled dutifully.

I erupted into laughter, in disbelief that my friend had gotten away with a live animal in her pocket. At which point my bladder decided to take suit and erupt as well. All over myself and the sidewalk…

This wasn’t your typical pee session. It was a fountain’s worth. Non-stop. I couldn’t stop the flow. I literally peed myself, in front of my friend, in public view, on the sidewalk, for the longest 2 minutes or so of my life.

At least it didn’t happen in front of the whole class…

Jamie is 7 months old!

Jamie is 7 months old!

Jamie is quite the mover these days! She is SO active, it’s hard to believe that the there was a time that she just laid there. Cause, those days are WAY over.

Although Jamie isn’t crawling yet, it’s just a matter of time. Like days…Even still, she really doesn’t have much of a problem getting where she needs to go. She likes to scoot around on her belly or roll around to get to various  places.

Jamie has had quite a few “firsts” this last month.

Like, her first trip to the park and ride on a swing…

Her first dip in the pool…

Her first pair of earrings…

Her first trip to the Aquarium (relaxing outside in the kiddie area)…

Her first trip to Busch Gardens and Sea World…

Her first trip to the Beach…


Her first Easter…

And her first time celebrating her Daddy’s Birthday!!

At 28 weeks, we’re pretty sure she started saying “DaDa.” She’s babbling up a storm. Actually, I swear she said “yeah” the other day when I asked her if she was ok when she was coughing. Let’s not get crazy, though,  and just say her first word was “Dada.” She also started sitting up on her own that week. She still has her weebly wobbly moments, but for the most part she can stay up without support.

Jamie has such a funny sense of humor. She loves to laugh and smile. We have such a fun time trying to make her laugh and interacting with her.

Jamie is a great eater, also. We’ve added apricots, green beans, and cauliflower to her diet. She’s even started eating the Baby Mum Mum rice crackers. She LOVES those things. I can stick her in the high chair with one of those crackers for at least 30 minutes and get things done like the dishes or even dinner.

As for Jamie’s growth, she is wearing mostly 9 month sizes, but still has some 6 and 6/9 month outfits that fit her pretty well. I’ve even stuck her in some 12 month sizes even though there is still some room to grow.

We love our little girl, and love watching her grow. She’s so big now! I guess it’s true what they say…”Time flies when you’re having fun”!


Matt’s Big B-day

Matt’s Big B-day

Matt turned 37 yesterday, so we decided to celebrate twice. On Monday, we had mommy/daddy alone time and left Jamie with my parents so we could have dinner at Arigato’s.

Yesterday, we celebrated at home with some cake.

But what I really wanted to talk about is how I cooked red meat. I know you think that’s nothing, but since I haven’t eaten a hamburger since I was ten or eleven years old, it was a big deal for me.

Look how yummy this is…

Ok, not really yummy to me, but yummy for you bloody red-meat eaters.

It’s a bacon-wrapped petite sirloin. What was my trick? I bought it already prepared (wrapped in bacon) at the butchers so that all I had to do was take the tongs to it and put it in my toaster oven. I set it to broil/convection for 22 minutes and it came out perfectly, evenly, red/bloody in the middle for meat. (puke)

Aren’t I a clever little wife? And, we’re all happy here in the T House.

Happy Barfday, Honey!


NIAW Time again!

NIAW Time again!

This week (April 24-30) is National Infertility Awareness Week!!! Let the Infertile’s unite!

This year Resolve is busting the myth about Infertility and you can, too. If you are interested in Resolve “bust the myth” go here to see what you can do.

I’m going to start by “busting the myth” on IVF.

Myth: If you have IVF you will become the octo-mom.

BUSTED! Although you do have a higher chance of multiples than the women who do not have fertility treatments, your chances of multiples greater than twins are less than 5%! Reproductive Endocrinologist’s who perform IVF are very careful to not implant too many embryo’s. My own RE made his recommendation to me based on my age, uterine lining quality, and passed failed treatments/pregnancies. Carrying more than twins is very risky for both the mother and the babies. Your RE should sit down and give you his recommendation and let you know what the risks are. Whatever he suggests, remember that you ultimately have the final decision. Even if the RE recommends to implant 3 embryo’s, you can choose to only implant one or two if you choose. In fact, there have been studies that show that implanting one embryo is no better than implanting two, and some European countries have followed suit on that premise. Whatever you decide, the choice is yours. Remember to stay informed and know ALL your options!!

For more information on Infertility, go here.

For more information on NIAW, go here.

Happy 7’s!

Happy 7’s!

Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby who turned 37 today!!

AND…Jamie is 7 months old! Here’s a little tease from when I was taking her 7 month pics with Miss LadyBug. I’ll update the blog with more details of Matt’s Birthday and Jamie’s 7 month stats tomorrow.


2011 Cinco de Mayo Events in Pinellas County Florida

2011 Cinco de Mayo Events in Pinellas County Florida

In 1862, 4,000 ill-equipped Mexicans gained victory over 8,000 well-equipped French invaders in La Batalla de Puebla. Today, we have Cinco de Mayo, and that means we’ve got another reason to celebrate! Pinellas County has several events planned to help you celebrate Mexican style. Check out some of my favorite margarita hot spots in the 727 area code.

Poblano’s Mexican Grill & Bar (Clearwater, FL)

Poblano’s has a party going on inside and outside featuring food and drink specials from 4 pm- 11 pm. Two bands will be performing as Cointreau and Budweiser girls make their rounds giving away free fiesta items.

Read More Here