That’s Mrs. Coupon Queen to you!

That’s Mrs. Coupon Queen to you!

Ah, was it just, ohhhhhh, I don’t know…about 1 month ago that I commented on someone’s blog that I don’t clip coupons cause I’m too lazy to do it??

Well, it looks like I’ll have to eat my words. Why the hell not? I mean, apparently I can eat just about anything else except maybe vegetables, chocolate, red meat, pork, dairy products… Ok. Never mind. I digress.

Remember when Matt and I went to the fair with the munchkin? Well, Matt convinced me, while we were there, to get another subscription to the St. Pete Times (even though it usually doesn’t get read and goes straight to the recycle bin). It was then that I decided that I should try to go through the Sunday paper and find coupons for Baby items at the very least. (Isn’t that what all good Suzie Homemakers do?) My sister (the other other coupon Queen) told me that I should cut coupons for the products that I know I use to make things simple. So, I actually followed her advice (there’s a first for everything! *shrug*) and cut just a few coupons for items I 100% knew I used and are at my Publix.

Well, that week I saved around $8. Meh. It was kind of exciting. Nothing too grand, though. Still, I did the same the week after and ended up saving $25! Fast forward to this past Sunday where I used more coupons I cut, plus a manufacture coupon that was mailed to me a couple of weeks ago, plus some great bogo’s going on…my savings totaled a whopping $36! WHAT?!?! I seriously couldn’t believe it. These freaky (freaky in a fond loving way) coupon people are on to something! If I keep on saving like this, I’m averaging a savings of $1000 for the year. That’s at least two Kate Spade purses. Right??

Even so, I don’t see myself taking things any further than the Sunday paper coupon sorting or the use of manufacture savings that are mailed to me. It’s just waaaay too much work to go online and participate in all those other coupon game thingys they have out there.

$36 is good though, right? With all these savings I’m doing I think this means I should do more shopping more often. And, not just the grocery kind. Know what I mean? Hehehehe.


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