Things I’m happy about right now…

Things I’m happy about right now…

1. I finally figured out where to plug my steam mop so that I can reach every inch of floor (minus the guest room) without having to change outlets. You’d think after living in our place for almost 4 years I would’ve figured this out sooner, but nooooo…anywho, with at least 900 sq. ft. of white tile (damn you, 80-year-old woman who lived here before us and thought white was an appropriate color for tile and carpet!) this is a HUGE discovery on my part. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

2. The Housewives of Miami are starting to get a little tiny place in my heart. Well, not all of them. Obviously, there is room for Elsa, but I have to admit that I enjoy the saucy brazilian Adriana, the eccentric Lea, and even (believe it or not) the cuban man-Barbie, Alexia. The two I originally thought I would like was Cristy and Larsa, but no. They’re way bitchy and way too in to themselves to get my attention.

Speaking of Elsa, my mom has high aspirations these days. On her weekend trip to Miami to visit my sister, I received a text image of her all “chesire-like” on the couch with a glass of wine that said “I didn’t marry no gringo to have paper flowers!” My mom has never had plastic surgery (she actually has amazing skin!) but she did figure out that you can get the same look of Elsa’s lips by putting lipstick on and around the rim of the mouth.

This really isn’t all to far-fetched since she is hispanic, she did marry a gringo, and she does have a shit load of wine at home….there could be worse things than having Elsa as my mom.

3. I joined a book club! Right now we are reading “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress,” by Rhoda Janzen. I looooove it! I really love the way she writes. She “talks” to you in a way I can appreciate and relate to. Actually, it reminds me a lot of some of my own conversations. Anyway, this is a big step for me since I haven’t been reading as much these last few years. Some people may not realize how much of a book-worm I truly am. In my single days I used to read upwards of 7-10 books a week! I would actually read about 5 books most weekends. Some might say this is why I was single there for a little while, but I think I read so much cause I was single. 🙂 I read the whole Twilight in 6 days, and probably would have read it faster, but we had family in town. Total waste of my time, ,don’t even get me started….But, I digress. I’m in a book club now and I’m excited to read again! Yay! Thanks, April!

4. I heart making baby food!. Since Jamie’s been eating solids (yeah- I haven’t posted about that, yet!) I have made all of her baby food myself. I buy organic fruits and veggies, steam them or bake them in their skin to retain the vitamins, and then scoop out the good stuff and put it in my food processor. I have about 3 weeks worth of baby food stored in the freezer and about an additional 3 days in the fridge now as we speak. I feel so good knowing I’m making my baby healthy food myself! I think this makes up for the fact that I was able to breast feed for only a short while.

With this said, this does mean that I have no energy left to make Matt and myself any dinner….so we’re starving. But, Jamie’s not! So life is still good…

5. I feel so happy and blessed that Matt and I are able to care for our child at home, together. We are so fortunate to have jobs that allow us to share in taking care of our child ourselves without additional child care (and cost!). This makes it so much easier for me to be a working mom. I get the best of both worlds and it’s just so amazing and perfect! Jamie has an awesome daddy that adores her and takes care of her until I get home to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with her. I really don’t think there could be a better scenario for our family. I just love being a mom and taking care of my child!


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