Bad mommy move #3471

Bad mommy move #3471

My little munchkin-poo is addicted to paper. I mean, she only has a thousand toys, but she would rather play with a napkin over her $100 bouncer.

$70 play mat? No, thanks. Let me chew on that magazine, please!

What’s the deal? In a desperate moment today, I let her play with a paper towel while I washed dishes.

Let me preface by saying that I was supervising her the whole time….

So, during this “time” (approx. 7 min), I started thinking crazy thoughts like how to market paper towels for babies. Who needs expensive baby toys when you can make ‘specially soft paper towels for any baby’s chewing pleasure? I could put brain stimulating images of bright colors as patterns without any chemical dyes. I could use vegetable or fruit juices! Yes! And this could equal a day’s fruit/vegetable serving. Genius!

As I reveled in my ingenious idea and gave myself a mental pat on the back, I glance over at my angel to see a funny look on her face. I walk over and notice a huge wad of paper towel in her mouth just seconds from being swallowed/choked on.

Hmmmm…..finger sweep- positive, mommy points- negative.

Way to go giving my baby a potential choking hazard. And they pay me to teach Early Childhood Education….Oh, and I’ll be paid even more next year as the newly appointed department head…

PS- I’m super behind posting Jamie’s 5 month update. I’ll get it done by the end of the week, I promise!!

6 thoughts on “Bad mommy move #3471

  1. Hey, thanks for the awesome posting. I’m having troubles with subscribing to your blogs feed. Thought I’d let you know 😉


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