Well that explains it!

Well that explains it!

Let’s just say that while cleaning Boos’ litter box I figured out why he was throwing up so much last Tuesday. Think large, thick rubber band. Where he got that from, I’ll never know. But, I’ll be hiding the rubber bands from here on out…..

Also, I was running late yesterday morning and didn’t get a chance to make myself some coffee. In a desperate attempt for caffeine, I stopped by the McDonald’s on my way to work for a McCafe (sugar-free vanilla, yum!).

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t exactly live in a town of hundreds. There are thousands of people in the area I live in and I was in the next town over. I also don’t eat fast food regularly. In fact, I can’t even remember going to this McDonald’s since before I had the baby….

Anywho, I order my precious liquid gold (brown ?) and when I pull up to the window the girl is says,

“Hey! How’s the baby? How did the labor go? We haven’t seen you in a while!”

Hmpf. Maybe me daily morning egg mcmuffin crave while I was pregnant went on a little longer than I thought.

Excuse me while I go hop on my new Gazelle for the next two hours. (Yes, I bought a Gazelle. You’re jealous, aren’t you!) 🙂

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