TV talk and such

TV talk and such

One:  I can’t believe I’m watching the Bachelor again. I promised myself after Jason Mesnick that I would never watch this show again and yet here I am watching the Women Tell All for Brad Womack and I’m totally enthralled. Totally. Girl drama is kind of awesome. Michelle’s a hot mess, and I love it.

Two: Anyone watching the Real Housewives of Miami? Ok, I’ll just tell you the truth right now and let you know that I’ve watched two episodes of this season and I’m not at all interested in these woman. Not one tiny bit. BUT, I’m totally addicted to Cruella, er, I mean Elsa Patton.

I don’t know…there’s something about those painted on eyebrows and the glass of wine that is perpetually in her hands. She’s like the Chesire cat.

Hmmm….her face does almost look like it’s melting off, though. Isn’t she delicious?!?

Three: I’m so sad Arthur got booted off the Biggest Loser Couples this season. So, so sad. 😦

Four: Anyone watching the new Bethenny season? Should I be watching this?

Five: Oh. my. God. I’m still watching this stupid Women Tell All episode of the Bachelor and I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Who is this Michelle person?? *heave*

Random side note that doesn’t have to do with t.v.: I can’t believe I’m going to admit this because I am a Lady Gaga fan, but I don’t like her new Born Free song. I really really don’t. I think it sounds like a Madonna spin-off. It just doesn’t get me going in the mornings. With that said, I’m loving the new Enrique song. I never ever thought I would say that out loud. But there it is. I do really love his new song. Humphf!

4 thoughts on “TV talk and such

  1. Hello new blog design–LOVE IT! I was thinking of the crazy TV I've been watching, but the only duplicate show we have going is Bethenny-love her! I can't add another housewives show-too nuts, but now that I have seen this melted face, I want more. I have been watching the Lifetime labor show-one every minute, and they have a new one about troups coming home that makes me cry A LOT.


  2. Well, looks like someone may need to set the DVR to record Bethenny! I hope I can catch re-runs of the ones I missed. Darn it!


  3. My dvr is so backed up right now! I have all of Bethenny on there and I have only watched 1 of the Miami Housewives, the rest are on the dvr. From the first episode though, I am not impressed yet. We did think the Elsa chick looked like a puppet/muppet of some kind we just couldn't place it. Dave literally spent hours on the internet searching for puppets! Are you watching Perfect Couples? That one is pretty funny! I also find Modern Family hilarious!


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