Mommy-Butt Monday Over and Out!

Mommy-Butt Monday Over and Out!

Well, lucky you. This is the last time I post about my mommy-butt…

Looks like somebody lost all 60 of her baby weight! I can even wear my wedding ring and everything. Very exciting!

Anywho, I really could continue on with these shenanigans, but it’s starting to get redundant. I think I’ve accepted the fact that although my old jeans fit me, I’ve got one hell of a muffin top. I’m told that’s going to take longer than the 5 months I’ve allotted myself. Actually, if I’m honest here, I only allotted myself 3 months, but it took me longer than that as you all know.

So, I relieve you of my mommy-butt ramblings. I’ve still got more to lose thanks to the fertility treatments and all, but let’s not beat a dead horse. Know what I mean?

On a side note, though…thank God my cankles are gone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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