Apparently my champagne taste does not extend to wine

Apparently my champagne taste does not extend to wine

I’ve been in a *real* funk this past week, hence my inability to blog much these days. I think it’s a combination of still not feeling 100% since my bronchitis, still being a little pissed at Chester about the “new” diet, some monster stuff at school, and just pure working mommy exhaustion.

The last two times I’ve gone to the grocery store I have literally wandered up and down the aisle’s lost. I mean, the fact that I can’t eat any green vegetables is just absurd. So, on my most recent grocery trip I went to the register with a small organic butternut squash, two large organic sweet potatoes, and 5 bottles of wine. Yes, five. Because, that is only thing on the diet I know I can have. Ok, let me explain I’m not some kind of alchi. What happened here is that the diet is specific about what wines I can have. One of them is the Beaujolais. I’ve never had that kind of wine, so I picked up a bottle that looked interesting. And, next to that was a Pinot Noir, and I’ve been meaning to try a Pinot Noir. So, I got one of those little goodies that was on sale. As I went on my way down the aisle I saw one of my most favorite table wines, Josef Weinberg Sweet Red. SO, I got three bottles of that one…

Alright, one day I saw some wine on sale (my now new fav: Josef Weinberg Sweet Red), and I bought one. I L-O-V-E-D it. I mean truly adored it. One night Matt stopped at Total Wine on his way home from work and asked if I wanted anything, so I told him about this little gem I found. Well, when he got home he tells me that Total Wine had no freaking idea what I was talking about and that they didn’t even have Josef Weinberg in their computer system. I went all over the Internet trying to figure out this mess and figured out that they only sell this wine at SweetBay and Food Lion.Yes, because it’s cheap. I should have known from the $5.99 sale price and the screw off top that this wasn’t exactly an elegant table wine.

Honestly, I think there are worst things in life than enjoying cheap wine. Right? So, I got three of those when I saw them cause, well, I was excited about it!

On another tangent, school has been just a little stressful for me. I guess not in the sense of real stressful situations, but in my little world I’ve been stressed. For one, we have a little boy who is obsessed with monsters. So obsessed that he walks around growling at people and pushing them. Because, as he tells me, he is a “monster and monsters are mean”. So, I’ve tried explaining to him that monsters don’t come to school, but he’s not buying what I’m selling. Anyone have any ideas on this? It’s really starting to become a problem as we have several children who are now terrified of him, and one specifically who now cries from the minute her mother leaves until about 30 minutes before her mother gets there (so, yeah- like 3 and a half hours). This isn’t helping my residual sinus headache. Where’s my cheap wine when I need it???

The high school students aren’t acting any better right now, either. One in particular has been giving me some grief. I got an email from her mother the other day saying that she understood there was “some friction” between me and her daughter. I actually had to stop and think a minute about what she was talking about. And then I realized she must be talking about the death stare her daughter gives me whenever I speak to her.

Here’s me: “L, let’s look over your folder assignments and see where you are so I can give you some goals for next week.”

My student: *silence* Shooting dagger eyes straight towards my heart

Soooooo…that’s a little mystery I’m still trying to figure out. In the meantime, I’ll just chalk it up to teen stuff, or pms, or something…(pass the wine, please).

Anyway, with all that said this truly has not been a terrible week. I really do have a great life and an amazing job I love. There are some really great things in store for me in the near future regarding my job and I will blog about that on another day. I’m just not ready to talk about it, yet.

Also, let us not forget that I get to come home to the most amazing and beautiful little girl. I’m so happy I’m a mother. It makes everything else so small and just not matter. I can have a terrible day and come to her smile and I forget about everything else. I can’t complain about my life. I’ve been given the best gift from God.

Well, actually I do have one complaint. Why doesn’t Josef Weinberg have his Sweet Red in a box??

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