Thoughts on Teen Pregnancy

Thoughts on Teen Pregnancy

Before you start running, this is not a serious post.

Not that teen pregnancy isn’t serious. I take the topic very seriously, which is why I assigned my students this topic for their reflection books this week. They were to find an article on teen pregnancy, summarize it, and then give me their personal thoughts on the matter.

I got a lot of responses like, “Teen Pregnancy is bad,” and “Teens who get pregnant are stupid and will ruin their whole lives.”

But one reflection in particular stood out to me.

“I want 8 kids one day. But, not until I finish college and get married. The best birth control is aspirin. You put it in between your legs and hold on tight.”

I didn’t realize there were other uses for aspirin, but that’s not a bad idea….

I responded, “Ha! You are very funny. You do know that doesn’t really work, riiiiggghhtt??!?!”

I did give her lady bug sticker for that…

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Teen Pregnancy

  1. How funny! I was just thinking about teen pregnancy tonight. I stepped into the nursery at church because a baby was screaming her head off, and the nursery queen mother told me that the baby's mother is 14. I almost dropped the baby. Apparently, she didn't know the aspirin trick.


  2. Ha! Amy, I got around that by teaching all about STD's. I mean, all you need to do is show kids some nice infested and oozing "no go" places and they are sex-free!Jen- 14!!!! I would have dropped the baby…You are a better woman than I am.


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