We’re going to the Fair….

We’re going to the Fair….

*title sang to the tune of the “Alachua county fair” (my gator girls know what I’m talking about!)*

It’s no secret that Matt and I are big time Fair farers. I mean, all you have to do is search for fair on the top of this blog and you’ll find posts describing the fried food on a stick I’ve consumed, me being a gullible chump at the fair, and various ginormous stuffed animals Matt has won in the previous years. We go multiple times. Yep. Actually, we were supposed to go last weekend, but remember I was so sick I couldn’t walk down the stairs or stand up without getting all woozy, so we had to reschedule for this past weekend. We went twice in one weekend. What??
In case you haven’t noticed Matt has the gift of winning all Fair games. Jamie had a plethora of fair toys before she was even born. This year Matt won her a Hello Kitty and fuzzy white Bear.
But that’s not all Matt won. Actually, Matt once kept his streak going and won the largest prize at the Fair. Twice. Because, we went twice, remember?
Here’s Matt and the largest prize at the Florida State Fair…..

And again…

Lovely, isn’t it? So lovely, we quickly pawned it off gave it to the “luckiest” kid standing near us. I mean, I really don’t think you can have enough Giant Rasta Man Banana’s, but I didn’t want to be greedy, you know?

As you can see, Jamie really enjoyed the Fair.

She especially loves sitting like a big girl in her stroller. Notice she likes to prop the feet up on the tray…

Who is this sassy girl, anyway? Sometimes I think I gave birth to a teenager. Baby’s prop their feet up, really?
You’ll be proud to know that I kept my fried food on a stick mantra again. This year I had chicken on a stick. But, that’s it folks! I didn’t eat the fried twinky on the stick in lieu of the hot waffle ice cream sandwich with strawberries on top. Heavenly. I’m pretty sure it’s not on my low oxalate diet. Or any diet, for that matter.

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