Someone get this man a murse!

Someone get this man a murse!

This morning I woke up a little grumpy. I went to bed later than usual, so I was tired. Because I was tired I was running late (well, that’s relative since I get to work early- so basically it means I was on time). When I went to make my lunch, I realized I left my lunch bag at school the day before…you know, just one of those no good mornings where everything is going wrong.

In the car on the way to school, I was annoyed cause there were no good songs on the radio. I stopped at a station when I heard something going on in Sarasota. Apparently, a homeless man was arrested last week. When they sent him to jail they found a condom in his “no go” place, as the radio station called it. Inside the condom there were 30 items!!!!!

Items found:
17 blue pills
an intact cigarette
6 matches
lip balm
another condom ( I think they said unused, but I’m not sure if it was in the wrapper)
an empty syringe with an eraser on the top of the needle
a CVS receipt
a coupon (they weren’t sure for what, hopefully it was for a wallet, or lube)
a flint (I’m not sure what this is, is this to strike the matches on?)

Ummmmmm…..ok, ouch! I’m alternating between laughing hysterically and being horrified. I’m wondering how long that was in there for….is it because these were his prized possessions and he was homeless and needed a safe place to put them? Did he do this right before he went to jail?

The radio host commented that he should be nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records…or maybe be a spoke person for Trojan. At the very least, someone get this man a murse! I hear they’re quite metro these days.

Look…even Hugh Jackman uses one!

image via the webs

Article can be found here.

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