Back in December Matt started a ring of illness (just a cold) that lasted us throughout Christmas to New Years.

In January when I went back to school Jamie and I got another cold. A quick visit to the pediatrician confirmed it was a second cold, not the same lingering cold as in December.

Then early this week Jamie starts sounding a little raspy on Monday and would randomly cry out in pain in the morning while swallowing. I deducted that she had a sore throat. And I must be right, because now I do, too…and I feel like crap. I have an achy body, chills and all (even my hair hurts). Perfect for taking care of an infant by yourself while your husband is working.

It took me close to 30 minutes to change the sheets on her crib.

Is this some kind of new trend ….to get sick once a month?

Cause, I’m not having it…

And, I’m not even going to go into the poop issues we have going on here in the Tow house. I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about poop once I became a mom so the poop stories from this week are going to remain mum. Although, I’m pretty sure I just typed poop five times. Poop.

PS- the sickies must be catching cause I’ve lost two Sea Monkey’s this week. We now have 3, and I’m pretty sure they are all females. So much for my cupid’s arrow.

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