A Lovelie casualty!!

A Lovelie casualty!!

Last week I reported that I had 5 little sea monkey lovelies in the tank when I got to school. Well, I was wrong. There were 6. Until today.

The teacher I co-teach with was showing the sea monkey’s to a student and the tank slid from her hands!!! Fortunately, we only lost one. So, we’re back to 5. Beware the sea monkey tank! It’s not exacly stable.

On another note, my little lovelies are getting quite large. This morning I put some cupid’s arrow, in light of the upcoming holiday, so they could get their grooves on and make some sea monkey babies. I’ll be interested to see if this actually works or I if I just fell for yet another scam.

I can be quite naive despite my sarcasm.

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