Alrighty, I’m ready to confess!

Alrighty, I’m ready to confess!

Listen, back in August I was very pregnant and very hot and I let my passive aggressiveness once again take over me while I posted a countdown till “Stinky McFat Gut” left my house. Many of you were very confused and Matt some people thought I was being mean. 6 months later I’m ready to confess and reflect on what happened, although I will continue to preserve identities.

See, we had a house guest (Stinky McFat Gut) who was supposed to help us out while Matt had his surgeries and I was all fat big and pregnant. Everything started out wonderful, like a beautiful bouquet of roses, until we came home from the hospital of Matt’s first surgery.

It started with one weird comment here and then another weird comment there. I didn’t know him very well, so I couldn’t tell if this was some awkward type of sarcasm, or he really was a pompous pig (<——this one), but I didn't like it. Now, I know you're thinking that it was my house and why not say something, right? Well, every time he would make a weird ass comment I would think I would address it, but he'd be fixing the kitchen sink faucet, or changing the curtain rods I've been meaning to change the last three years, or finally patching that whole in the living room wall. It was so frustrating!! ARGH! I mean, how can you do such nice things for us and yet still be such an asshole?

It was brought to my attention that perhaps my pregnancy hormones were making me a little more bitchy sticky on the situation than I would normally be…so, I used this blog to countdown the days until Stinky was gone and then let it drop.

So, now that I’m post partum over 4 months and the pregnancy hormones are pretty much gone right? I’d like to say that I….


YEP! I’m so happy he’s gone and he’s still Stinky McFat Gut as far as I’m concerned! no, I’m not vicious, I’m just honest! ppppffffsssstt!

Really, though. “Stinky” was stinky and he liked to walk around the house with no shirt and just boxers on with his “McFat Gut” hanging out. Hence his nickname.

He also, besides making rude comments to me daily, ate all my food, never pitched in for groceries, used all my detergent, never pitched in for that either, left dishes in the sink, and beer cans all over the place. The guest room and guest bathroom smelled horrific. He had a really annoying baby voice he liked to use when speaking to Matt. He acted like a child. He was extremely narcissistic (picture of himself flexing on his dresser). He liked to “talk the talk” but never “walked the walk,” which in my opinion made him a liar and bragger on many accounts.

So, do you really want to know how I feel?

I think it’s safe to say Stinky McFat Gut is no longer a welcome guest in our home.

And, no…. It wasn’t the pregnancy hormone. He was just a douche.

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