More Passive Aggressiveness from Yours Truly

More Passive Aggressiveness from Yours Truly

Once again, I’m in danger of getting myself in trouble on here by posting yet another thing that’s driving me crazy, but I can’t help it! I have to vent because I was SO furious today at something that happened at school.

Most of you know that besides teaching high school kids, I run a preschool with another teacher. Today was my day in the preschool and I thought everything was running pretty smoothly for my first time back in since last September. Until I got this email that is….

“Dear Mrs. Tow,

Do those Little Spongers HAVE to SCREAM? Can they just yell or talk loud. The screaming hurts.



Um , really? They are 3-5 years old. YES, they have to scream. They use indoor voices inside and outdoor voices outside or else we’d all go crazy if we didn’t let their energy out somehow. And they were not screaming like they were hurt. It was gleeful little kid playing screams with giggles, you know what I mean?

So I responded:

“Dear Mrs. ——,

Do you HAVE to be such a BITCH? Can you just be nice and not complain about innocent children? Your bitchiness infuriates me.


Mrs. Tow”

*GASP* No, I DIDN’T! I said this instead:

“Mrs. ——,

I apologize for the inconvenience. I have gone outside and asked the High School teachers to please watch that the little ones don’t scream. They are children, however, so I can’t promise there still won’t be some screaming.


Mrs. Tow”

Someone talk me off this ledge….

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