Apparently they do come back from the dead…

Apparently they do come back from the dead…

After further research, I found out that all I need to do is let the water evaporate from the Sea Monkey tank until crystals from at the bottom and then add more water. I’m not sure how I feel about this. So, does this mean they never die. Another reason to be creeped out by the lovelies.

I also found out that the Sea Monkey community is extensive (and weird- but I’m in the depths of it, so what does that say about me??).

Also, I found this comment which made me laugh until I cried and then pause with paralyzed fear:

Ahhh Seamonkeys. I received my first tank as a child and have been a fan ever since. I grew up and Seamonkeys stayed a part of my life, an important part. After attending culinary academy I landed in a position assisting a chef at a hotel. As time went by I yearned more and more to create my own signature dish. I wanted a pasta dish, reflecting my medditeranean heritage and passion. Fumbling with many alfredo and carbonaras, always missing was that grand flavor I was after…that magic ingredient. One night, returning home from a dreadfully long night; I noticed the last of my latest colony of Seamonkeys had perished. It was saddening, but I knew they lived long and happy and that this was the cycle of life. And then it hit me…
I poured the contents of the tank into the kitchen sink, sifting the water through some paper towels to catch all the little critters bodies and other sediments. I placed this under a heating lamp for 48 hours to dry everything out so I could try my brilliant idea.
Finally, on that 3rd day everything was ready. I may have rushed with the pasta, but the sauce was grand. A thick tomato sauce, slow cooked and brimming with aromatic basil and garlic. I took my Seamonkeys; I stirred them in. In a matter of seconds I was delighted to notice the tantalizing hint of seafood in the scent of my sauce. I lifted the wooden spoon to my lips. Perfection!
My dish became an instant success, and added to the menu. Many a peer has tried to pry my secret ingredient from me, but to no avail.
I will not tell you what hotel, or even where. But just remember next time you are out having that chefs special medditeranean pasta…it could be me! Buon appetito!

And then there’s this lady:

First of all, I take issue with the claim that this product is for 6-10 year olds. I am a middle-aged executive and have been continuously entertained by my little desktop pets for weeks now. What could be more fun than watching these playful little creatures swim to and fro in a magical underwater paradise fit for a working professional’s office?

That said, I do have a few things I have learned from my time with the Sea Monkeys. Some of these may seem like common sense, but as the old lady says, I certainly don’t have any of THAT!

#1. Sea Monkeys are not really monkeys. Monkeys are primates that have prehensile tails and opposable thumbs. Real monkeys cannot breathe under water. This bears repeating. REAL MONKEYS CANNOT BREATHE UNDER WATER.

#2. Consequently, as Sea Monkeys are not really monkeys, they do not like to eat bananas. DO NOT PUT BANANAS IN SEA MONKEY EXECUTIVE SET.

#3. Sea Monkeys are totally fun and friendly and curious. You might think that they’d be great friends for your pet goldfish or your pet betta. YOU WOULD BE WRONG.

#4. Sea Monkeys are good listeners. They will keep a secret until they are cold and dead. But don’t expect them to actually give you any encouragement or a kind word now and then. It is a one way street with these guys, I’m telling you.

#5. Sea Monkeys are sold as a toy. But Sea Monkeys are living, breathing creatures. And when they die due to your neglect and attempts to get them to play with Goldie your pet fish, their spirits will come back and HAUNT YOU.

#6. Your friends, family, and coworkers may think you are a little too obsessed with your Sea Monkeys. They may not realize that Sea Monkeys are hyperintelligent creatures in a tiny, tiny package. They may not realize that it is rude, in fact, to not have them at the table at dinner time, or to make them sleep downstairs with the dog. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM, THEY ARE WRONG.

Sea Monkeys are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now that my children are in college, they have given me something new to live for. I’m so excited about my new little family. I will love them forever and ever and ever. I have willed all of my assets to them. My lawyer discouraged this, but he doesn’t understand what true love is. He told me so himself.

You know, that’s one thing about the webs. There truly is a place for everybody there, right? Even if it is virtual…

In the real world there’s apparently a place for everybody at Barnes and Noble, too. While I was there last night with my mom I found a book titled, “It’s not PMS, it’s you.” love it!

And then there was the calendar titled “Ferret Tales” in which the heads of Ferrets were superimposed on Fairy Tale Characters and Princesses. Hmmm…speechless….no words for this one. except I think these people are weirder than the sea monkey lot

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