Teachers Illuminate the Future

Teachers Illuminate the Future

I am officially in Orlando with two teenagers for a weekend full of Future Educator stuff, cause we’re at the Florida Future Educator’s State Conference, duh!

Ok, although I love going to this conference usually, I’m not happy about leaving my almost 4 month old baby for even the 8 hours I go to work, this is kind of sucky to be away from her until Sunday, boo! The other teachers keep telling me to think of this as a little vacation and how I get to sleep more and all that jazz. But truthfully, I don’t mind it when my baby wakes me up to eat or be cuddled. I love taking care of my baby- even changing her poopy diapers is fun to me. I didn’t wait this long to have a baby to already be tired of taking care of her. Although, ask me this again when I have more than one child and it may be a different story…

The irony of this weekend is that exactly a year ago, on the morning I was to go on this trip last year, I found out I was pregnant with Jamie! YEP! Weird, huh? A year later and I have a 4 month old. Funny how life changes so quickly.

Finally, I’m excited because when I registered us for the conference we had to put in ideas for next year’s conference theme. This year is the title post, “Teachers Illuminate the Future.” Everything competition wise and seminar wise is based off the theme. Well, guess what? My idea is one of the nominations for next year’s conference. HA!

Ready for it….

“Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge”

Cliche, I know! But that’s how they are every year. I think the year before was, “Teachers pave the roads that students travel,” or something like that and once we had something about how teaching changes the world….Anyway, how cool is that?? I find out the winning theme on Sunday!!

The other two options are:

“Teachers guide tomorrow’s leaders,”


“Teaching for the next generation.”

What do you think? Do you think mine stands a chance?

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