Obsession Update!

Obsession Update!

You will all be excited to know that after I finished grading exams I did a little more research on my new experiment and it turns out that Sea Monkey’s can play!


My lovely little alien-like, long-tailed, sort of a brine shrimp, genetically engineered hybrid pets can actually play?

They have these little things called “sea diamonds” that they TOSS AROUND LIKE BEACH BALLS.

You have got to be FREAKING KIDDING ME!! These things are geniuses! And really, I don’t blame them. Who doesn’t love sparkly diamonds?

So anyway, I ordered those of course. I wouldn’t deny my lovelies diamonds. I also ordered them “red-magic vitamins,” that turn the sea-monkey’s red in color. You know red is a lovely color and everyone needs vitamins, dontcha think?

And then there’s “Cupid’s arrow mating powder.” Had to have me some of that, cause well, I can’t deny my lovelies parenthood. Or “marriage”, as the site says.

Sea Monkey’s apparently like desserts, too. So, I got “banana treat.” It’s only right. I enjoy dessert. Why wouldn’t they?

Lastly, I ordered some “sea medic,” in case my lovelies get sick. You never know…they could get sick. They apparently do everything else a human can do, so why not get sick?

$20 later I have to wonder now…what’s stopping these freaky things from taking over our world?

I’m kind of scared and excited all at the same time for Monday. I wonder how many little lovelies I’ll have waiting for me?!

One thought on “Obsession Update!

  1. My sister and I had sea monkeys when we were little. We loved them. Did you get the necklace so you could wear some of them to school all day????


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