I know it sounds so cliche that my male gay hairdresser loves show tunes, but alas he does! Pedro informed me that he’s taken up community theater and tap dancing- a lifelong dream!

So, now I’m compelled to promote his current production, “110 in the Shade.” According to the flyer Pedro gave me it’s a musical romance based on “The Rainmaker.” He says its very funny, and I believe him because Pedro is a funny man!

If you live int he Tampa Bay area, you should go check him out at the Francis Wilson Playhouse in Clearwater, Fl. Tickets are $26 for adults and $13 for students. He’s also going to be appearing in “No No Nannette” and one more that I can’t remember right now….oopsy!

Oh, well. Prepare to hear more about Pedro’s productions in the future.

PS- I can’t go this weekend cause I have to take two teenagers to a conference in Orlando for the Future Educators. Fun, fun!

PPS- Hanging out with two of your teenage students for a WHOLE weekend without their parents and you in charge is alot of fun. Really, it is… lies!

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