Being stupid has perks!

Being stupid has perks!

So crappie is a kind of fish….LOL! Let’s just talk my stupidity up to the fact that I was a vegetarian for 14 years and just started eating poultry and fish 6 years ago. But, really? Crappies are fish?? Well, someone just slap me silly…

AND…..welcome Rebecca! My stupidity helped you delurk! Ha! At least it’s good for something!

And just so you all know that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stupid things I’ve said or done. Like, when I thought Key West and it’s key’s were the Bahamas, or how I thought the caller id on the tv was my sister-in-law calling in to the tv show I was watching, or …well, there is so much more (Matt could tell you!) but I will keep it to myself. I like being mysterious. It keeps people interested, you know?? ya….not really…

One thought on “Being stupid has perks!

  1. LOL. Well, I certainly had never heard of crappie before I moved out onto a lake in the country that was written up as the best crappie fishing in Missouri. When my DH first came out to my house (when we were first dating) I told him all about the "crappy" in the lake, thinking I would impress him. He's the one who corrected my pronunciation — politely, luckily! :)Thanks!


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