Is this for real life?

Is this for real life?

I got one of my weekly baby newsletters this week. You know the ones I’m talking about- “Your baby is 13 weeks old!”

Anyway, know how sometimes they put ads in them? Well, when I finally checked my email after about a week and half of little to no internet, I had this link waiting for me.

If you want to play a fun little game, go here first and then try to guess what it is.

As for the Tow’s and Christmas….we made it on the plane with no problems. Jamie got a bottle as we took off, she fell asleep before we were completely up, and then slept until we landed. So much for all that worrying. And guess what? We had snow for Jamie’s first Christmas! I’ll post pics as soon as I can!

3 thoughts on “Is this for real life?

  1. OK, I like those dolls. I think they are super cool. But I also think breastfeeding and birth need to be more normalized in our society than they are!


  2. I don't dislike them. I actually had a doll that gave birth when I was kid (they've been making those in Venezuela for like 50 years!) It just wasn't quite as graphic! LOL! Plus, to be honest…as a kid I didn't really understand it. So I'm not sure it is totally necessary for it to be so realistic- know what I mean?


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