Starting to Freak!

Starting to Freak!

I’m feeling stressed these past couple of days for a few reasons:

1) I’m back to work in less than 3 weeks!!!! Matt’s going to be taking care of Jamie when I go back, so I know I shouldn’t feel bad about this, but I guess I’m jealous. I’m not ready to leave my baby!!!! *tears*

2) I’m not anywhere near ready for Christmas. All I’ve done is decorate my house and sent xmas cards. Gifts are well….ah…crap!

3) My house is a disaster and I don’t know where to start. Matt practically spit his tea out the other day when I told him I was breaking the house up into 4 quadrants for cleaning purposes. But, that didn’t last too long….so….now I have about 3000 loads of laundry and dirty floors. Did I tell you I still need to go shopping for Christmas presents??

4) I’ve got to fly with a baby pretty soon and I’m totally freaked! I mean, there’s so much baby stuff…. And then there’s the probability my little diva will have a melt down on the plane. The horror!!!

5) I went to the Urologist and I still have another stone in my left kidney. It’s also probably going to get bigger and it’s not exactly small right now. I also have a kidney infection from the whole stone debacle so I’m on antibiotics for that, too. This is crap. Just crap!! Real life conversation with my Urologist (who by the way could be cute if his name wasn’t Chester and his hair didn’t look plastic. Poor thing.)

Dr.: “You are very prone to stones and at your age and gender this isn’t normal.”

Me: “No shit?”

Ok, I lied. That conversation didn’t happen, but I did think that…

6) Did I mention I still need to go shopping for Christmas presents?

7) Oh, and I need to get my sister a gift for her graduation from Physician Assistant school. Any ideas???

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